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Free Sounds Effects Download from Android Phone

Free Sounds Effects from a lot of different sites. Here are some of the ones I like.

FreeSounds and Background Music download from online website. The website contains more than 1 million sounds and music files. So many video editors have been downloading background sounds and background music from here.

The content always use as free of copyrights as well as commercial also.

Those who are making to videos like as short films, documetaries, narration and volgs…etc. using this site for background sounds.

Once upon time Ramgopal Varma also noted this site about uses.

Ramgopal Varma Shoted movie with smart phone and edited that movie. In this movie used all backgroud sounds and music from this site only.

Ramgopal Varma has told with this movie, movie making will not expansive, if you want to make movie very small budget like this websites.

YouTube Channel video up loaders will make it easy to editing with this website.

Free Sounds Effects Download Offers 25% off beta discount on your entire cart order. Additionally, you receive (1) free license when you sign up for their mailing list. I would suggest looking into their action music category or their emotional music category. Really good stuff! Overall, great music and easy to use customer interface. I like how they sell their music as albums rather then individual tracks. Also, seems like more bang for the buck. Offers a wide variety of exclusive music cues. Additionally, a very useful customer interface allowing you to sort by sub genre and mood.

Visit Sound Ideas – the one place for all your music needs. Sound ideas is the world’s largest publisher of professional sound effects, royalty free music, and production element libraries. Sound Ideas offers over 500,000 sound effects, production elements and royalty free music tracks for television, film sound design, game development, post-production, interactive media and any other professional audio production. You can preview the songs, sound effects before downloading and the collections can be physically delivered to your location on the hard drive, DVD, and CD.

Check out some of our popular royalty free music and sound effects collections:

General HD Combo Sound Effects Collection

This collection from Sound Ideas features more than 46,000 royalty free sound effects in high definition format and includes the content of The General HD, The General HD 2, The General HD 3 and The General HD 4 collections.

Hollywood Edge Complete Sound Effects Library Hard Drive

The Hollywood Edge Sound Effects Library contains the complete Hollywood Edge arsenal of sound effects on a hard drive that can be physically shipped to your location after purchasing. It features more than 70,000 royalty free sound effects.

Royalty Free Buyout Music Collection on Hard Drive

Royalty Free Music Collection on Hard Drive features more than 27,000 royalty free music tracks and includes contents of more than 310 Sound Ideas Production Music CD’s.

Mix Signature Collection Combo

The Mix Signature Collection Combo features a total of 2125 royalty free music tracks and combines all 36 CDs of the Mix Signature Music Series into one strong production music collection that is ideal for broadcast.

For more music collections go through our various royalty free collections from Sound Ideas and get 40% discount on all Sound Ideas Proprietary libraries.

Well, I see that many here suggested some pretty famous libraries. Yes, there are a lot of royalty free music libraries. Some are huge and cheap. But there are problems. It’s hard to find good tracks and you spend a lot of time listening to mediocre tracks. Also, some of these libraries are unfair with the musicians – they keep a disproportionate percentage of the income and give back the musicians close to nothing. Some are fairer than others, but the recent trend is very negative for musicians.

So, is there an alternative?


More and more people prefer smaller libraries instead – especially those libraries that offer a small, well selected number of high quality tracks, they provide user friendly interfaces and treat musicians fairly. But there are not many of these.

One of them is WHITE CAT MUSIC. It’s our library. It’s a small library recently created and directly managed by a small number of talented, professional musicians. We select our music and musicians very carefully. We are still very small but we add more music weekly. We will grow over time, but not too much. We want to keep it friendly, approachable, affordable, easy to use.

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