How to Download Videos from YouTube

How to Download Videos from YouTube

How to Download Videos from YouTube? There are so many ways to download YouTube Videos. Apparently the people at YouTube don’t do much to prevent you from downloading there videos. There have been a lot of answers about it and i am not just going to add up on to them. I am gonna tell you only two best ways: one for the personal computer or laptop and the other for your android devices.

How to Download Videos from YouTube For PC

If you want to download a video from YouTube or many other scoial media sites, which you are currently watching at youtube or many other sites, just go to the video’s URL link at the top of the address bar in Browser and edit it to add an additional “ss” before the word youtube.

It must look somewhat like this:

“www. ssyoutube .com / video ID”

Here is the direct link to the site:

Download YouTube Videos, Facebook and many others!

You will get to decide the quality of video you wanna download along with their memory size. Click on one of those options and there you go.

How to Download Videos from YouTube For Android OS

You are surrounded with a lot of youtube downloading apps such as tubemate or vidmate but I will suggest you the best one. Very easiest way download with ytmate website.


Let me tell you the best easiest way to download any YouTube video without any software from Android divce.

Step 1:

Go to youtube and search for the video you wanted to download and open it. After opening video pause the video and you can see a share button below.

Step 2:

click on the share button,and you will see an option to copy link.Click it and the link will be copied.

Step 3 :

After copying,Go to your chrome browser ,Open a new tab and in the search box ,make a long press you will get the paste option ,click on it.Once you have pasted press search.

Step 4 :

Now your video should open in the browser.If any problem is there ,in the browser option,change the settings to DESKTOP VIEW MODE. This time it will definitely work.

Step 5 :

Now is the important part,In the link box, move your cursor behind the letter ‘y’ in youtube.

Step 6 :

Now after moving the cursor,erase everything behind the word youtube.

Step 7 :

After erasing ( http://m.), now in the same place type the letters ‘SS’.

Step 8:

After typing ‘ss’,click search.(i e open the link).Now you will be taken to a new site like this (ref pic)

Step 9:

Now you can choose the format ( ie 360p or 480p or etc..) and click Download . Doing this you will directly download the video file to your mobile.

You can also use this method for your pc.This is a safer option.This also helps you from downloading unnecessary applications.

Other way to Download from YTMATE website:

1. Open YouTube in Google Chrome

2. Open the video that you want to download

3. Go to url and copy the url link.

4. Again open Google Chrome

5. Open YTMATE website

6. Paste which you copied url link address

7. Go to Press Download which you want suitable quality.

If you really find this information useful share.

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